When this school year began virtually, it put students in foster care at a huge disadvantage. AFFCF answered to call to help level the “learning field” for these young people by creating Education Support Awards. This one-time award category was designed to pay for items AFFCF doesn’t normally fund – Internet service, small desks, school supplies, devices and more – to help students continue learning.

A Good Start

It helped students like Thomas, a brand-new student starting Kindergarten this fall. At this young age, color is an important part of learning. His caregiver only had a black and white printer, which is no help in printing out worksheets that featured tasks such as “count the red marbles” or shows the words of color in color. These tasks are some of the basic building blocks of learning and his foster mom didn’t want him to fall behind right at the start.

With an Education Support Award, Thomas’ caregiver was able to purchase a color printer. Now Thomas gets to begin his school career with being able to complete his work and not having to worry about having the right materials to learn.

Education Support Awards applications are still available through September 30, 2020. Learn more to see if you qualify for an award.

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