AZ Foster Care Tax Credit

You win.
Kids in foster care win.


Our 4-star charity rating means AFFCF is accountable, transparent and financially healthy. And that means you can feel good about selecting our organization for your foster care tax credit donation.


AFFCF has earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate, by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial and impact data to Nonprofit Analytics. You can leare more about our cost-effectiveness here.


There are many ways to support the vital work of Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, including the following suggestions. To explore other ways to give to AFFCF, please contact our Director of Developmentand Philanthropy, Sophia Campbell, at


You can support Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation simply by shopping at Fry’s, with Fry’s Community Rewards! Sign up with your Fry’s VIP card and select the Arizona Friends of Children Foundation (#JX242) for your charity. Every time you shop and use your VIP card, you are giving children and youth in foster care the same opportunities that every other kid has.

Visit Enroll today and start shopping! Please note, you must re-enroll in the Community Rewards program each year after August 1.

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.  Your company may match, fully or in part, your contributions, which means you can make an even greater impact for children and youth in foster care.

Check with your company’s human resources team to see if your company matches donations.







When you transfer stock to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, you win, we win! You win because the tax deduction is the same size as a gift of cash (if you’ve owned the asset for more than a year) and you avoid paying capital gains tax. Young people in foster care win by being able to participate in activities that build their self-esteem, enrich their life experiences and ensure their successful transition to adulthood. It’s a win-win-win!







 If you are 72 or older, you can avoid paying taxes on your required minimum distributions (RMD) from your IRA by sending them directly to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Best of all, your gift will allow AFFCF to continue our mission of creating opportunities to build self-esttem and empower children and youth in foster care by funding services to enrich their life experiences and ensure their successful transition to adulthood. Learn more!







 If you have a donor-advised fund through Schwab® Charitable or Fidelity® Charitable, you can recommend grants to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation through the links below. More sponsoring charities may be added in the future, so please check back if your fund isn’t currently listed.


Schwab Charitable

Fidelity Charitable


Of every dollar donated to AFFCF:

  • 85% goes to programs
  • 15% goes to administration and fundraising

We are committed to being good stewards of the funds we receive and ensuring our goal to reach every child in Arizona’s foster care.


Pays for six months of services to a participant in Keys to Success, a program designed to help young people aging out of foster care to lead successful, independent lives

Provides much-needed tutoring for a child who is below grade level

Buys supplemental clothing and books for a child in foster care

Buys a weighted blanket/vest for a child who struggles with severe anxiety because of his or her circumstances

Buys in-state theme park admission for a child who desperately needs a little fun


How Does AFFCF Raise the Money to Pay for Awards?

AFFCF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We receive no funding from federal or state government. Our funding depends entirely on generous individual, foundation and corporation donors.

Who Receives My Donation?

Your donation to AFFCF goes to provide an athletic, educational or social activity or an item to a child in foster care in Arizona that would not be paid for in any other way. AFFCF funds awards for such items and activities as apartment set ups for youth aging out of foster care, summer camp, class photos, gymnastics, karate, music or swimming lessons, prom expenses, school field trips, post-secondary scholarships and more.

Does My Donation Qualify for a Tax Credit?

Yes! AFFCF is a qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. Arizona law allows you to claim a tax credit of up to $1,173 for joint filers and up to $587 for individual filers for voluntary contributions you make during any taxable year. For more information visit the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website at and/or consult your tax professional.

Are There Any Other Ways I Can Give to AFFCF?

You bet! There are many ways you can contribute. In fact, it can be easy as linking your Fry’s Community Rewards card, using your employer’s matching gift program, holding your own fundraiser, etc. Contact our outreach coordinator, Kim Searles, at to learn more.

How Many Children Does AFFCF Serve?

Since our beginning in 1984, AFFCF has paid more than $1,650,000 in awards serving more than 80,000 children and youth in Arizona.

What Is the AFFCF Funding Process?

You simply need to complete our application. Along with the application, we require documentation from the vendor/provider (a flyer, a screenshot of a website, an email from the vendor/provider, etc.) that shows the cost of the activity/service. Our application also requires the contact information for the child’s DCS/tribal caseworker as we do verify that the child is a ward of the state of Arizona. For tutoring assistance requests, we do ask for additional documentation. Please see our award guidelines for more details.

If your request falls within our guidelines, it will be approved once we have received documentation and a response from the caseworker. PLEASE NOTE THAT AFFCF CANNOT CONSIDER FUNDING ANYTHING THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR PRIOR TO RECEIVING APPROVAL FOR THAT SPECIFIC REQUEST.

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation


Address:  360 E Coronado Rd Suite 190, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone:  602.693.1866


Michelle Noe
Michelle Noe
As a foster mom I am so thrilled to have this amazing organization. It has helped us with getting tickets for a sibling not in our care to go to Legoland with us, winter formal dresses, yearbook, drivers training, Fry's Gift card, a band trip to Hawaii, and more. Teens in foster care are costly. Our teen is in the Keys to Success program and Maddie Poindexter has been an amazing asset to our teen. She is helping us navigate college options, pilot school, and more. It’s like having a big sister who cares and follows up. She is cheerleader and encourages our teen to reach for the stars. With the support , help and excellent direction our teen believes in herself. Just parents are not enough. She has her own coach who she can confide in. Love this organization and it’s generosity! My teen will have every advantage with this support and become a productive member of society. Research shows that kids need at least one advocate…one person to believe in them. This nonprofit is changing lives.
Miss Shopalot
Miss Shopalot
Amazing organization! With so many deterrents that make it hard to foster, AZFFC MAKE ME KEEP GOING! I can help my kids better because of them! Thank you!
Del McArdle
Del McArdle
AZ Friends of Foster Children is full of Champions seeking change for AZ wards. Warrants will help stop the unlawful seizing of our AZ kids by DCS but foster parents need to report government abuse and unlawful seizing of kids by DCS to the FBI, DOJ, and AG. DCS and Greg McKay can't seize as they please. The warrant law is real!
George Lopez
George Lopez
This organization allows you to help foster kids by supporting foster parents. If you don't want to be a foster parent, then the next best thing is to support a foster parent! Do it thru this organization!

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