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#TaxCreditTuesday is November 28

Arizona tax credit donations incentivize charitable giving that benefits children in foster care and their families. As a qualifying foster care organization, when you donate to Arizona Friends of Foster Children at any time throughout the year, you receive a foster...

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Celebrating Holidays as a Foster Family

The winter holidays center around family traditions, celebrations, and growing together. For children in foster care, the holidays can present challenges. They also bring opportunities for creating happiness and security. Here are some considerations for foster...

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Resources for Kinship Caregivers

When the Department of Child Safety removes a child from their home, they prefer placing the child with a relative if possible. As a result, over 4600 grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and other relatives in Arizona are responsible for children in foster...

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You Don’t Have to Be a Hero

Arizona has a high demand for foster parents. In her article in the Arizona Daily Star, Foster care from the inside, Sarah Gessen discusses foster care, and how to become a foster parent in Arizona. We wanted to highlight a quote that speaks to how foster parents are...

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What Happens When a Parent is Deported?

The Department of Child Safety removes children from homes where they suspect abuse or neglect. But what happens when a parent is removed due to their immigration status? With the new Trump administration deporting immigrants at a pace roughly comparable to recent...

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Understanding Group Homes

Would you rather grow up in a group home or a family setting? In general, children in foster care fare better in family homes than in group homes or congregate care settings. Issues with Group Homes The primary concern for caregivers is health and safety. Group homes...

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