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Fun Winter Activities for Children

Winter can sometimes be a difficult season for families as parents just aren’t sure what activities they can do with their children. The weather is cold, the days end earlier, and fun in the snow is out of the picture if you’re not in northern Arizona. At Arizona...

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Saving for Children and How to Encourage It

Money management is an important skill. People of all ages often find themselves in need of additional training and education in this matter, but the best place to begin learning is childhood. Studies show that children who learn good money management skills in...

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Finding Happiness Through Charity

Sympathizing with the struggles faced by children in foster care and foster parents is something most people can relate to. You see advertisements for foster programs ad your heart goes out to them, but you and your family aren’t able to foster children in your own...

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Backpacks for Children in Foster Care

On average, children in foster care will move schools at least once or twice a year, and over a third will experience five or more moves by the time they’re adults. When children in foster care move schools, they’re often coming with old supplies or none at all. It’s...

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How Music Impacts Children

Do you remember being forced to play the recorder in fourth grade? There’s a reason for that. Research shows that school-aged children benefit tremendously from music classes. A five-year study from USC finds music lessons increase brain development, language...

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Arizona and America’s Foster Care Timeline

How did the number of children in Arizona's foster care system reach crisis levels? Raising Arizona Kids Magazine did a study on our foster care crises from 2008-2015. Understanding how we got here is key to reversing the trend. Here's what we learned and expanded...

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