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More than 13,000 children currently live in foster care in Arizona. AFFCF gives them the opportunity to participate in athletic, educational and social opportunities just like every other kid.


What’s your favorite childhood memory? Whether it’s summer camp or playing on the local softball team or music lessons, most of us have experience all those ‘little’ things that make up the essence of our childhood. For the just over 13,000 kids in Arizona’s foster care system, that’s not necessarily the case. In their short time on Earth, their childhood is marked by uncertainty and fear. They’ve been neglected or physically, sexually or emotionally abused by the very people they should have been able to depend on to keep them safe. Most children come into foster care with little more than the clothes on their back or what they can carry in a trash bag.

Tomorrow, they will wake up in the care of a complete stranger. They may have never ridden a bicycle or sat down for a family meal. If they’re of school age, they’re most likely behind in their development and behind in their development and grade level. The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation gives children in foster care back their childhood. We help promote their self-esteem and enrich their lives by funding activities and other needs that give them quality experiences as they live through very difficult circumstances. Since 1984, we’ve made 50,589 awards totaling nearly $10.6 million to children in foster care in Arizona. Because we receive no state or government funding, we rely solely on the generosity of our supporters and donors. Become a Foster Friend either by donating or becoming a volunteer.

he loves having something
that belongs to him.

- Foster Parent