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Our Mission

The mission of the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is to promote the self-esteem and enrich the lives of children in foster care in Arizona by funding activities, education and other needs that provide them with quality experiences while they live through very difficult circumstances.

Our current mission, 37 years later, embodies our founding mission:

Charles Dickens wrote that “in the little world in which children exist, there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt, as injustice.” Anne Hall Whitt, in her book Suitcases, noted “for the foster child, life can be a series of injustices, each more overwhelming than the one before.” As such, Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation was organized by individual citizens and professionals from all over Arizona to help offset some of these injustices by doing what we can to give children in foster care as normal a lifestyle as possible during their time in foster care.

As long as injustices continue in foster care, AFFCF will ‘do what we can’ to give children in foster care the childhood they deserve.

Our First Award

The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation granted our first award back in 1984. We paid $29.61 for an 8 year-old boy in Prescott to take flute lessons. Since then, we have paid more than $12M in awards, serving nearly 60,000 children all over Arizona.

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