AFFCF funds a variety of activities and items for children in foster care that are not otherwise funded by the state or other programs.

“Thank you for the money for dance classes. I love it so much…especially the costumes!”

– Rose, 4


The only eligibility requirement for an award from the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is that the child is a current adjudicated dependent ward of the court in Arizona. Anyone can apply for an award on behalf of a child in foster care. If you prefer, you can download the paper application.

AFFCF funds items in one of two ways:

  1. Check made payable directly to the vendor/service provider and mailed to the caregiver
  2. Reimbursement to the caregiver for a purchase AFTER the application is approved

To receive funding, whether by check or reimbursement, all requests must go through AFFCF’s application and approval process. Our application asks for contact information for the child’s DCS or Tribal caseworker, as we must verify the child’s current status as a ward of the court in foster care in Arizona.


It takes about 10 to 14 days from the time you submit an application to the time it is approved. For reimbursement items, AFFCF notifies the caregiver listed on the application in writing that the application has been approved and provides directions on how to receive reimbursement.

Please remember that AFFCF cannot reimburse any purchases made prior to receiving approval from AFFCF.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Need extra help with our online application? Watch our helpful videos!


See the complete list of what AFFCF can consider funding. Please keep in mind that we can consider funding only one activity at a time per child. The only exception to this guideline is swimming lessons.


When searching for activities for your child, please consider our Preferred Partners. These businesses offer special discounts for children in foster care for exciting activities that fall with AFFCF’s funding guidelines.


Our online application makes it easy for you to apply and check the status of your requests. If you are a return applicant, please make sure your child’s DCS caseworker’s contact information is up to date.

Award FAQs


Anyone can submit a funding request on behalf of a child in foster care – a caregiver, an extended family member, a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate, a friend, a caseworker, a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem).

Who is eligible for AFFCF awards?

AFFCF only considers grant requests for children who have been adjudicated dependent wards of the court in Arizona. AFFCF does not fund grant requests for voluntary placements. Special consideration may be made if the child has been a temporary ward or in voluntary placement for an unusually extended period of time.

Do I have to be a licensed caregiver to ask for assistance?

No, you do not have to be a licensed caregiver to receive assistance from AFFCF. The only requirement for eligibility to request an award is that the child must be a ward of the state of Arizona.

What types of activities does AFFCF fund?

AFFCF funds a variety of athletic, educational and social activities for children in foster care. To see a list of activities we can fund, please see our award guidelines.

What does AFFCF not fund?

We do not fund any of the following requests:

  • Applications requesting reimbursement for anything paid for prior to receiving approval
  • Children who have officially been adopted or are not currently wards of the court in Arizona
  • Airfare, family vacations or travel expenses
  • Birthday parties, gifts, food or toys
  • Debt relief (i.e. home bills, utilities, etc.)
  • Electronic equipment (computers, tablets stereos, electronic games, TV, etc.)
  • Furniture (i.e. beds, cribs, etc.) or home fixtures
  • Memberships to a gym or community center
  • Modeling or modeling classes
  • Orthodontics or any type of medical expense
  • Services or benefits that are available from other public, private, or governmental agencies (daycare, preschool, counseling services, wheel chairs, healthcare, legal aid, etc.)

What is the AFFCF funding process?

You simply need to complete our application. Along with the application, we require documentation from the vendor/provider (a flyer, a screenshot of a website, an email from the vendor/provider, etc.) that shows the cost of the activity/service. Our application also requires the contact information for the child’s DCS/tribal caseworker as we do verify that the child is a ward of the state of Arizona. For tutoring assistance requests, we do ask for additional documentation. Please see our award guidelines for more details.

If your request falls within our guidelines, it will be approved once we’ve received documentation and a response from the caseworker. PLEASE NOTE THAT AFFCF CANNOT CONSIDER FUNDING ANYTHING THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR PRIOR TO RECEIVING APPROVAL FOR THAT SPECIFIC REQUEST.

What's the process for a recreational item award (i.e. bikes, athletic equipment, theme park admission, etc.)?

Once AFFCF receives the application and it has been approved, AFFCF will send a congratulatory e-mail to the applicant notifying them of approval with a mail-back receipt form attached. After making your purchase, we request that you return the form with original receipts for reimbursement by mail or drop-off at our office. Please note that no purchase can be made until receiving the congratulatory e-mail.

How long does it take to get approval?

Generally, it takes about 10 – 14 days from the time you submit your request until the time a check is cut and mailed to you, give or day a few days.

What can I do to speed up the approval process?

To make the award process run as smoothly as possible, make sure to attach the cost documentation to your request. We also recommend contacting the child’s caseworker to let him or her know you are requesting assistance from AFFCF and ask them to respond to our email.

Can I apply for multiple awards?

When it comes to funding ongoing activities, AFFCF can only fund one activity at a time per child. The only exception for an activity is swimming because it is prioritized as a survival skill. While there is no overall limit on the number of applications that can be submitted, certain restrictions in place based on the type of request being made.

What if my request falls outside of your giving guidelines?

If your request doesn’t fall within our guidelines, AFFCF cannot fund your request. If we are unable to fund your request, please take a look at our Resource Guide to see if assistance might be available elsewhere.

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