Sarah is graduating this spring from the University of Arizona. She is one of 69 students in the AFFCF scholarship program. In her own words, she describes the importance of having a support system while in college:

I am graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from the University of Arizona in May 2021. My plan after graduation is to apply to and be accepted into Baylor’s Accelerated Nursing Program (ABSN) in Texas. I am extremely hard-working and committed to my academics and career goals. I also have a minor in nutritional sciences, which is something I am very passionate about and is complementary to my major.

Balancing Act

I have been employed throughout my time as a college student to pay my bills and support my basic necessities. As my classes have increased in difficulty, I’ve struggled to balance work and academics. The Arizona Friends of Foster Care Foundation (AFFCF) scholarship has helped me fund off-campus housing and other essentials, such as utilities and food. With AFFCF’s continued support I was able to work part-time so I could focus on my academics and raise my grade point average. I will graduate with a 3.2 GPA, which is something I’m extremely proud of – I am now on the Dean’s List!

A lot of my motivation comes from those who supported and believed in me, which helped shape me into the person I am today.

Sarah, AFFCF Scholar

Even though I still have to work incredibly hard to achieve the grades I want, all while keeping a roof over my head, it’s really important to me to give back and share the lessons I’ve learned along the way to help other students that are in the same position. Currently, I work as a peer mentor for the Fostering Success program at the University of Arizona. In this role, I help students who have experienced foster care or homelessness continue to be successful as students, as well to meeting their own basic needs. I also connect them to AFFCF to apply to the Penson Fund and the AFFCF Scholarship Program.

Support System

Using a support system is crucial in college and I am grateful I was given both the opportunity to be a peer mentor for the Fostering Success program and an AFFCF Scholar. A lot of my motivation comes from those who supported and believed in me, which helped shape me into the person I am today. I am resilient and determined to succeed as I finish my last semester at U of A. I was the first in my family to graduate high school and now I will be the first to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science thanks to AFFCF and the Fostering Success program support!

Be There for Them

When you make a foster care tax credit donation to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, you are telling young adults like Sarah that they have support as they pursue their education and future. Your donation is also eligible for a dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2020 Arizona state taxes if you donate by May 17, 2021.

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