When Kristoph began working with the Keys to Success program six months ago, his education plan was to graduate from high school in December 2023. He made his education a priority so he could graduate with his peers. With the help of his career development specialist (CDS), he advocated for himself to convince his school to add before and after school classes, as well as online classes, to his schedule.

Narrowing It Down

Like so many other young people, Kristoph has many interests. In his free time, he is involved in acting and had a role in his school’s production of Pride and Prejudice. He also enjoys playing guitar. He’s always dreamed of going to college to pursue voice acting or a game designer. He just didn’t know how to navigate all the complicated steps required to make his dream a reality.

Working alongside his CDS, Kristoph learned about all the financial aid options available to him, reviewed college choices and identified the career he’s most passionate about pursuing. He applied to Grand Canyon University, and with the assistance of his CDS, applied for the FAFSA and the education and training voucher (ETV).

New Placement, New Opportunities

Because his previous placement was very restrictive, Kristoph wasn’t able to work or engage in any community activities. Now that he is in a new placement, he got a job at Burger King. He also signed up for the Keys to Financial Success course because he knows it will benefit him for years to come.

Kristoph’s hard work is paying off in big, big ways. Since joining KTS, he has made all A’s in his classes and is on track to graduate in May 2023 and was accepted at GCU. Even though he has a job, he continues to work with his employment development specialist to build up his job search skills. He truly is on the path to success now!

Help Foster Success

Youth in foster care do not have the same access to resources as their peers do. Our Keys to Success program helps youth in foster care set goals for their future and connects them to the resources that can help them achieve their goals. You can help young people in our Keys to Success program, like Kristoph, by making a contribution to Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. Individuals can contribute up to $500 and joint filers can contribute up to $1,000 and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona state taxes. Give today at affcf.org/give.

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