Of the 13,507 children currently in foster care in Arizona, 1582 (nearly 14%) live in group homes and shelters. Group homes are homes in residential areas, typically four to five bedrooms with eight to ten children who live there.  Knowing that children in foster care are often behind in their education, compounded by the at-home schooling requirement of COVID, AFFCF launched a new effort to provide technology for children living in group homes last fall.

To begin, we surveyed several group homes to learn more about their needs, and then followed that up with a special application and interview process for group homes statewide.  With the help and commitment of AFFCF board members John Keane and Debbie Hall, we selected ten group homes (some with multiple locations) and set up computer rooms with technology (computers, monitors, printers, laptops, etc.) and furniture for a total of 13 group homes.

We are excited, and the kids are excited!  Already the change is noticeable. Rob, an owner of Miss A’s group home shared his observation that with adequate technology, and a comfortable space dedicated to studying,  the boys are much more motivated to do their school work and taking interest and pride in their work.  

At AFFCF, we call that a win!

Keep on Winning!

You can create even more winners, including yourself by making a gift to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. You win with a credit on your AZ state taxes, up to $500/individuals and $1,000/joint. Bonus points if you donate by April 15, 2021 to count on your 2020 taxes. Your gift helps kids in foster care be winners through childhood activities, education and more!

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