Support the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation using tax dollars you already pay!

foster care tax credit

Arizona offers a tax credit to state residents who support local schools and eligible nonprofit organizations, including Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. Qualifying charitable contributions of up to $500 for single taxpayers and up to $1,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly can be deducted directly from your state income taxes. Learn more about the Arizona tax credit and how it may apply to your return this year.


Tax Benefits of Your Contribution

If you expect to break even or get a refund on your Arizona state taxes, the amount you donate will be added, dollar for dollar, to your refund. If you expect to owe income tax to the state, your contribution will directly reduce the amount of your debt, also dollar for dollar. This creates a win-win situation for your favorite charitable organization and your budget.

Eligible nonprofits must receive certification as a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization (QFCO). These organizations meet an immediate community need for Arizona residents who live in poverty and spend at least 50% of their operating budgets on providing these services, in addition to other state requirements.


How to Donate

To qualify, you must make a cash donation to a QFCO such as Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. You can claim this credit for your donation, even if you take the standard deduction. Itemizing your return is not required. Simply save the receipt we provide for your donation and file it with your state income tax return by the April 15, 2020 deadline. You should also provide AFFCF’s tax ID, 86-0468850, and our Qualifying Foster Care Organization ID,10023.


Why Our Foundation

Without federal or state funding, we rely on donations for educational programs that help children transition from foster care to successful adult living, as well as tutoring, books, clothing, bedding, and fun activities that would otherwise be out of reach. We also provide awards and scholarships for secondary education to children who are in foster care. Through our programs, anyone can request this type of award for any minor child who is in Arizona state custody.

AFFCF has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, which speaks to our financial health, transparency, and success in stewarding donations responsibly. In fact, 88% of donations directly support our programs, with just 6% dedicated to fundraising and 6% to administrative costs.

Generous donors are the reason our foundation can continue its mission to enrich the lives of children in foster care. If you wish to make a qualifying donation to Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation and claim the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, you can complete our online form or donate by phone at (602) 252-9445.


  • The maximum amount for individual filers is $500.
  • The maximum amount for joint filers is $1,000.
arizona state tax credits

learn more about arizona state tax credits

The flyer to the left details the four different ways you can reduce your Arizona state tax bill, including the foster care tax credit. Click on the image to download a PDF that you can keep and share!

We encourage you to check with your professional tax advisor for advice on your personal tax situation and to learn how charitable giving to AFFCF may specifically benefit you.

For more detailed information regarding the Tax Credit program, please call the Arizona Department of Revenue at 602.255.3381 or 800.352.4090 or visit

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