Foster care can be hard on children, who are often away from their biological families and loved ones. Faced with loneliness, trauma, and anxiety, the well-being of these children can be more hurtful if they miss out on some of the childhood experiences that develop self-esteem and well-being. 

Charitable donations can have a strong, positive impact on the lives of more than 13,000 kids in foster care in Arizona. Whether you donate directly, use shopping rewards, or find other creative ways to give back, you are helping to make their lives better. 

Unique Donation Ideas for Foster Children

If you have been searching for a “foster care donation center near me” but aren’t sure what kind of items you should donate, you aren’t alone. Many want to help but are unsure where to start and what to donate; while there aren’t many things that aren’t accepted, the following are good things to consider:

Unique Ways

  • Shopping at your grocery stores:
    • Many grocery stores have rewards programs that allow you to select a nonprofit organization for donation purposes—for example, Fry’s Community Rewards, Amazon-Smile, to name a couple.
  • Donating via your employer
    • Some employers have United Way paycheck deductions or offer matching gift programs.
  • Hold your own fundraiser! Holding your own fundraiser instead of birthday gifts or via Facebook fundraisers or any other social media platform are all ways to have your own fundraising event!

Other Ways to Help Kids in Foster Care

We appreciate every donation you make to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. Besides helping to ensure each kid has access to the fun activities that make up a childhood, we have other programs meant to shape their futures, even after turning 18 and transitioning to adulthood. We would also be glad if you contributed to any of the following programs.

The AFFCF Post-Secondary Scholarship

Approximately 50% of youth in foster care will graduate high school and even fewer will make it to college. For those young people who beat the odds and want to pursue a post-secondary education, they often lack the financial means to do so.

The AFFCF Post-Secondary Scholarship helps students who were in foster care when they turned 18 pursue their professional and educational dreams. We support both four-year college and community college students in the Arizona area. 

The Bobby Ed Penson Fund

Like everyone else, young people in foster care experience emergencies. Unlike most of us, they don’t always have someone to help them out in a pinch. Sometimes these situations make them have to choose between continuing their education or dropping out to pay for emergency expenses. You can offer relief by being part of the Bobby Ed Penson Fund

This AFCFF program offers emergency assistance to students who face unexpected issues that might distract their education. College and vocational students from foster care can apply for this fund to help them pay for car repairs, rent, and gas, as well as school expenses.

Keys to Success

As young men and women transition out of Arizona foster care, they aren’t always adequately prepared with skills for the outside world. Without these skills, they can fall into the cycles of homelessness, poverty and crime. 

The Keys to Success program helps these youth discover their potential and prepares them for adulthood by helping them set goals, plan careers, build skills, and more. It also offers valuable connections to resourceful organizations and job opportunities. 

What Is the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit, and How Do I Claim It on My AZ Tax Return?

The Arizona tax credit gives individuals a dollar-for-dollar reduction on their state income taxes for the foster care donation they make to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. For each dollar you pay in taxes, you receive a $1 credit towards your state income tax liability for each dollar you pay in taxes.

The maximum amount you can claim is $500 as an individual and $1,000 as a couple. To claim your AZ tax return:

  • Donate to a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization online before 15th April 2022 for the 2021 tax returns.
  • File form 352 and 301.
  • When filing your Arizona tax return form 352, use code 10023 as our QFCCO code.

Learn More About Helping Children in Foster Care in Arizona

For every child living in foster care, life can be incredibly challenging. But with your love, support, and foster care donation, you can make a positive, lasting impact on their lives.  Through your support, AFFCF can continue transforming the lives of children and youth in foster care. We are grateful for any contribution you make. Check out our other programs to learn more about the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation.

Image Source: SewCream / Shutterstock

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