Jessica is one of 159 youth actively participating in AFFCF’s Keys to Success program, which empowers youth to make informed decisions about their future and builds skills that will help them win in both career and life achievement.

Catching Up

When Jessica joined Keys to Success last August, she was attending a credit recovery program. This bubbly, energetic young woman was very behind in school credits and still struggling to make them up on her own through an online program. Her career development specialist (CDS) shared her educational options and met with her team to determine that a GED program would be a better fit for Jessica.

Now in a GED program, Jessica is receiving tutoring twice a week and excelling at it. Her CDS is working on getting the age restriction off so she can test. In the middle of all this, Jessica worked with her employment development specialist (EDS) on finding a job to help support herself. AFFCF, through the KTS program, provided her with interview clothing so she could make a great first impression. After applying and interviewing at multiple places, she landed a job at Fry’s Food Store.

Future Artist

Jessica is passionate about painting and has even sold paintings to her group home staff and local coffee shops. She is working to save money so she can go to art school and further develop her painting skills. With her drive and dedication, we know she’s going to accomplish many things in her future!

You Win, We Win

Helping young men and women like Jessica win in their education and career goals is the heart of the Keys to Success program. When you donate to Arizona Friends of Foster Children, you win with a credit on your Arizona state taxes. Please help us sustain our life-changing work by donating at

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