Galadriel is one of 197 youth actively participating in AFFCF’s Keys to Success program, which empowers youth to make informed decisions about their future and build skills that will help them win in both career and life achievement. Her KTS employment development specialist, Noelle, shares a little bit about Galadriel’s journey in the Keys to Success program:

First Impressions

The first time I met Galadriel, affectionately known as Dri, I was blown away by her vivacious personality. We drove to a local coffee shop to begin her work readiness and job search.

During the drive she reached over and changed my radio station. I was thrown off for a second, but then she started dancing in the car. She tried – unsuccessfully – to teach me the TikTok dance, all while grinning wildly with a dimple occasionally showing. 

Working Together

Eventually Dri opened up to me, sharing a bit of her tumultuous background. We worked together over several months, completing her job readiness training, applying for jobs, going on interviews and feeding our shared Dutch Bros habit.

She was able to secure a job at Fry’s Food Stores, just down the street from her house.  Now 18, she plans on attending Glendale Community College to study nursing.

A Huge Fan

As I get to know Dri more and more in each session, her quick sense of humor and genuine joy for life make me a huge fan of hers. She has a great future ahead and I’m excited to see how far she goes.

“As I get to know Dri more and more in each session, her quick sense of humor and genuine joy for life make me a huge fan of hers.”

Noelle Pee, Keys to Success
Employment Development Specialist

Beyond a Job

The Keys to Success program goes beyond helping young women and men in foster care find employment. Both the career and employment development specialists work in tandem to help youth discover their potential, develop job readiness skills and take an active role in determining their futures. They also provide emotional support and connections to other resources that will help them succeed in life and career.

You can support the work of the Keys to Success program by making a contribution to Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. Individuals can contribute up to $500 and joint filers can contribute up to $1,000 and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona state taxes. Give today at

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