Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation supports youth in our Keys to Success and scholarship programs as they pursue their education and career goals. This year we had more than 90 students graduate from high schools, community colleges, and universities.

Graduation is an immense accomplishment for anyone. But for youth in foster care, it is a life changing accomplishment. A recent West Ed study concluded that the high school graduation rate for youth in foster care in Arizona is only 33% and this rate drops to 28% if the student has a learning disability. From there, only 3% of youth in foster care will go on to graduate from college and get a bachelor’s degree.

Nicholas L. -Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Amanda R. -Northern Arizona University
Jerry I. -Glendale Community College

With the support of the #LoveUp Foundation, the Scottsdale 20/30 Club, and the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family, AFFCF recently hosted a graduation event highlighting the accomplishments of these special young men and women!

Some of our Class of 2022 graduates include:

Aaron O., Grad Solutions
Abigail M., Shadow Ridge High School
Aiden H., Moon Valley High School
Aiyana Y., Mountain View High School
Amanda R., Northern Arizona University
Angel A., Humanities and Sciences High School
Ariely H., Valley Vista High School
Aries B., Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Ashe Y., Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Brandon C., Copper Canyon High School
Catarina P., Accord Institute
Chris C., Providence High School
Curtis B., San Tan Foothills High School
David T., Grand Canyon University
Deng K., Arizona State University
Elshanti N., South Pointe High School
Emmanueline N., Independence High School
Emily A., Intelli High School
Faith B., Ombudsman Charter School
Fatima S., Pathways and Education High School
Harrison H., Peoria Accelerated High School
Isabella F., Grad Solutions
Jayonna B., Student Choice
Jenifer C., American Leadership Academy
Jerry I., Glendale Community College
Jonathan A., GED
Jonathan R., Red Mountain High School
Jordon C., Perry High School
Joseph W., Agua Fria High School
Justin T., Mountain Vista Academy
Krista M., ASU Prep Digital
Layla M., Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Logan O., Grad Solutions

Loren D., Desert Lily Academy
Melody B., GED
Mikaeli B., Arizona State University
Monique F., Peoria Accelerated High School
Nicholas L., Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Olec V., Cactus High School
Patrick T., Canyon State Academy
Piper S., University of California – San Diego
Rawiya A., Desert Mountain High School and EVIT’s Medical Assistant Program
Reese H., Independence High School
Reese F., Mingus Academy
Richard G., Southwest Leadership Academy
Ricardo R., McClintock High School
Rose Y., GED
Roxanna M., Northern Arizona University
Sarah B., Arizona State University
Serenity J., Deer Valley High School
Sienna J., Tonopah High School (2021) and Arizona College
Talitha A., Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Tamarious O., GED
Temur Z., South Pointe High School
Tory G., Independence High School
Ugochukwu E., Missouri State University- West Plains
Valerie N., Desert Lily Academy
Victoria T., University of Arizona
William C., Copper Canyon High School
Yanaha R., Betty Fairfax High School
Yuliana F., Career Success
Yuritzy M., University of Arizona

Among our graduates, we have future doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, firefighters, and surgeons. Others will continue their education toward a bachelor’s degree. We know the possibilities for them are limitless. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Thanks again to #LoveUp Foundation, the Scottsdale 20/30 Club and the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family for their generous support of these amazing young people!

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