The AFFCF Scholarship program is one of AFFCF’s post-secondary programs that works to support to college students who need extra support. It currently serves 72 students who are in college with little to no family support given that they were unable to reunify with their biological family, be adopted or have a legal guardian appointed prior to turning 18. Many students in the scholarship program are participating in Extended Foster Care through the Department of Child Safety (DCS) or participated in it up until they turned 21.

Building Community and Support

The AFFCF Scholarship program not only provides important financial support to students, but also seeks to create a community where students can get to know each other, form friendships, and know that AFFCF is there to provide them with personalized support to give them the best chance at success, every step of the way. Our scholars enjoy a range of supportive and community-building opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Semester kick-off dinners
  • Monthly check-in calls with AFFCF to update and address any concerns or challenges students may be facing
  • Mid-semester outings
  • Information about additional scholarship opportunities and on-campus support programs specifically for students with foster care backgrounds
  • Access to financial literacy classes and emergency funding for unexpected expenses

As the end of the semester approaches, volunteers help AFFCF pack and send each scholar a care package to provide them with extra encouragement and support as they prepare for their final exams. Each package is personalized to include items that scholars request. It’s just another way to let students know they matter to us and that AFFCF and all our supporters stand behind them.

Showing Care

Providing support to students right up to earning their degrees is a critical aspect of the program. AFFCF wants every scholar to celebrate this major achievement and eliminates financial barriers when it comes to applying for graduation, ordering a cap and gown or commemorating the moment via photography, attire, announcements, etc.

Because these youth have little to no family support, AFFCF throws a celebration to acknowledge and honor their achievements. Given that nationally, only 3% of young adults who age out of foster care will graduate from college, these young men and women worked harder to overcome obstacles most of us won’t face. They deserve all the applause and congratulations the occasion merits.

Most importantly, on the other side of their degree awaits a future much different from their past, one with economic stability and the ability to contribute their time and talents to society.

Foster Higher Learning

Supporting the AFFCF scholarship program means give young adults who have aged out of foster care the ability to chase their educational dreams. You also help them find camaraderie with other students who have similar experiences to their own.

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