For the Fall 2021 semester, AFFCF awarded 21 new students the AFFCF Scholarship which bring the total number of AFFCF scholars for the Fall 2021 semester to 72. Of the 21 new students, 14 are starting college and seven are students who are partway through college. New scholarship recipients will be studying at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University, the University of Denver and the University of Arizona, as well as the Maricopa Community Colleges and Pima Community College.

Allow us to introduce you to a few of our new scholars:


I will be the first generation from my family to attend college. I will major in Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University because it gives me the opportunity to learn across many fields of geological and space science. One of my most passionate goals in life is to help develop new ways of eradicating extreme poverty. I hope that my knowledge of earth science could bring a new perspective to the table by developing ways to help agriculture in the poorest countries.

It is such a great honor to be selected for this award. Thanks to you I can now see my dream. This scholarship will save me the time and need of working extra hours to pay for school and allow me to concentrate on my academic courses.

I cannot express how grateful I feel for your assistance. Thank you for not only believing in me and giving me the opportunity to continue my education without worrying about financial circumstances, but for the students you have helped before me as well. Thank you!


Attending college has always been one of my life goals. From a very young age, I have been intelligent and selfless. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I would say that I wanted to save people. In elementary school, I wanted to be a fireman, but as I grew up, I became interested in the medical field.

It has always been my dream to be a nurse and this scholarship will allow me to attend the school of my dreams, Grand Canyon University. I am so grateful for this opportunity!


I am so grateful that you have awarded me with this scholarship. I am motivated to attend college by the thought that I will be one step closer to becoming a sports medicine doctor. My love for this profession is what keeps me going when I want to give up. 

When I made the choice to attend the University of Denver, I feared that I wouldn’t obtain the necessary funds to pay for an out-of-state education. Your hefty contribution will allow me to further my education at the school of my choice, and without worrying about how to pay for it. I will remember your generosity for years to come, as I think of all the people who have supported my educational journey. Thank you for giving me this scholarship.


I am beyond thankful that I was selected to receive a scholarship and am excited to use that

scholarship at the University of Arizona this Fall of 2021. I have not a declared major yet, but will be taking classes in Conservation in Agriculture, International Relations, and Economics. Your generosity is not overlooked nor is it under-appreciated.


Thank you so much for this scholarship opportunity. Being able to put these additional funds into my school year is amazing. You do so much for those in need with so many scholarship opportunities and it is such a blessing. I am a very grateful NAU student and I will do my best to work hard and succeed.


I’m sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the AFFCF scholarship. Receiving this scholarship has impacted my college experience. As I begin my education at Pima Community College, I am very thankful for your donors who support youth like me. Your generosity positively affects my future.


During my early teen years, I was uncertain whether or not I would attend college. It was scary to think what the future would hold for me, and I didn’t have the slightest idea what I would do for a career.

I mentioned these concerns to my school counselor, and she told me about a new program for youth in foster care called First Star ASU. I spent all four years of high school in the college readiness program and it definitely helped me realize that I wanted to attend college.

What motivates me to attend college is to explore different career options and opportunities that the future holds for me. Going to college is important to me so I can become one of the less than 3% of foster care individuals to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

As of right now, I want to be an engineer with a focus in robotics, but that is subject to change (if I go through another phase.) I’m very interested and willing to invest time into experiencing new things. Thank you very much for this scholarship and the opportunity to improve my future.

Support Our Scholars

You can make a difference for the young men and women in our scholarship program. Without the scholarship, many youth would not have the means to pursue their educational dreams. By making a foster care tax credit donation, you give these young students opportunities they might not receive elsewhere.. Even better, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples. Please consider a donation today!

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