Building Futures Together

Helping youth in foster care become successful, self-sufficient adults is a goal we share. Through the Keys to Success program, youth in foster care ages 16 to 21 years old have an unique opportunity to gain meaningful experience that not only will help them determine their future career, but also allow them to develop the path to achieve it.

I really appreciate EVERYTHING YOU DO for me
and helping me GET MYSELF TOGETHER! Honestly,
I probably wouldn’t be in school if you didn’t encourage
me to DO BETTER and get my life back on track. J.P., Keys to Success participant

Becoming a KTS community partner allows you to participate in this process and help give this vulnerable population an important boost to becoming productive members in our community. Whether it’s referring youth to the program, providing supportive services or serving in our professional support network, AFFCF welcomes your organization’s participation as a valued partner.

Find out how you can join us and our partners listed below by emailing our program director, Diane Daily.