apply for an award


Before submitting your award application, did you…

  • Review the Award Guidelines section of our website?
  • Complete all required fields, which are marked by a red asterisk?
  • Complete the caregiver, child and DCS/tribal caseworker information?
  • Upload, email or fax (623.487.3392) supporting documentation (a flyer, brochure, screenshot from website or letter from the vendor that shows the cost of what is being requested)?
  • Double-check the e-mail and phone number for the DCS caseworker? AFFCF cannot continue processing the application until receiving confirmation from DCS that the child is currently a ward of the court in Arizona.
  • Complete the Vendor Name section with the name of the vendor providing the requested services. AFFCF makes the check payable to the vendor?

Once the application is submitted, an automatic confirmation e-mail is sent to the caregiver e-mail, which contains a 5-digit application number and the exact date/time the application was received by AFFCF. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, first check your spam folder and be sure to mark our email address ( as a safe sender. If the email does not show up in your inbox or your spam/junk folder, the application was not successfully submitted and you will need to resubmit your request.

Received an award from affcf?

Support AFFCFHave you or your child(ren) in foster care received an award from AFFCF? We’d love to know how it made a difference for the child and/or your family.
We share the thank yous we receive so the many individuals, businesses and organizations that support AFFCF can see just how their contributions help. Please be sure not to use last names or any other identifying information!

Please call AFFCF at 602.252.9445 with any questions.