Charitable donations to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation are a wonderful way to celebrate the season of giving by making a meaningful difference in children’s lives across our state.

Ever since our charity organization was founded in 1983, the AFFCF has worked to ensure that children in foster care have access to high-quality experiences, education, and opportunities for a bright future. And when you make a contribution to our efforts, you too become a part of our mission.

Your Donation Can Make a Difference in More Ways than One

Whether you’re a first-time contributor or have been giving to our charitable organization for years, you are playing an important part in sustaining our community efforts and programs. We are proud to have created several different programs for children in foster care, each one providing unique services and opportunities.

When you make a financial contribution to the AFFCF, you are helping us continue the efforts of the following programs:

Keys to Success

One of our most impactful programs is Keys to Success, which facilitates career development services for teens and young adults that will soon be aging out of the foster care system. Upon reaching age 18, children in foster care are instantly considered “adults.” They may sign a “voluntary” agreement to stay in foster care and receive ongoing support from the state until they are 21, or they are free to walk away from foster care. Most youth choose to walk away, which sadly, leaves them completely alone at a point in life when help is often needed most.

But Keys to Success is designed to provide these children with a hopeful path to adulthood through career planning, goal-setting, skill-building, and more. The Keys to Success team works closely with participants to establish connections to community resources, locate viable employment, and develop the skills necessary for independent living. Our goal is to support each child in achieving their future goals and strengthen the Arizona community by helping to encourage the positive development of future citizens.

The AFFCF Post-Secondary Scholarship

When children age out of the foster care system, they often enter the adult world with no support of any kind. There are countless challenges, both financial and emotional, that a young adult from foster care can expect to face when they come of age. Unfortunately, these obstacles can often lead to a repetition of the cycles of poverty, addiction, crime, and more.

But when a young adult can receive the support they need to pursue their professional and educational dreams, it can make a world of difference. Our Post-Secondary Scholarships help provide funding for both four-year college and community college students, specifically those who were in the Arizona foster care system when they turned 18 years old.

When granted the financial means to achieve post-secondary education, young adults who were formerly in foster care can completely transform their life paths for the better.

The Bobby Edd Penson Fund

For most of us, unexpected expenses are an unfortunate part of life – but for young adults that hail from the foster care system, they can mean the complete destruction of their hopes and dreams for the future. Because so many young adults that age out of foster care do not have a family to rely on during difficult times, something as simple as a necessary car repair can be financially devastating.

The AFCFF launched the Bobby Edd Penson Fund to provide aid to students who encounter emergency expenses, facilitating the financial means to cover the cost and helping them avoid an interruption in their education. Both college and vocational school students are eligible to apply and can receive a financial award to pay for items such as rent, gas, repairs, textbooks, school expenses, vocational fees, and more.

What are Ways to Give to the AFFCF?

If you’re interested in participating in our efforts to support the children of Arizona’s foster care system, a financial contribution is a wonderful way to begin. No matter how much you are able to give, every dollar truly helps.

There are several different ways to donate to the Arizona Friends of Foster Care Foundation, including:

  • An online donation
  • A donation via mail
  • Donating over the phone
  • Participation in the Amazon Smile program
  • Enrollment in the Fry’s Community Rewards Program

If you do not currently have the means to make a direct donation, we encourage you to consider the Amazon Smile and Fry’s Community Rewards Programs. Through these unique services, you can support us simply by doing your everyday shopping. Every time you shop, at absolutely no cost to you, these two programs set aside donations to give to the AFFCF and other charities across the country.

Experience the Magic of Holiday Generosity

When it comes to experiencing the holidays’ true joy, the key is often to focus on giving rather than receiving. In fact, having the chance to positively impact a life – particularly the life of a child in need – is truly the best gift of all.

At the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, we are honored to serve as a charity dedicated to children within the foster care system. By supporting children and young adults from foster care, we hope to enhance their quality of life, both present, and future. However, we can’t continue our work without our donors’ ongoing generosity, who provide the financial means to fund our numerous programs.

Because the AFFCF is a non-profit organization, 90 percent of your donation goes directly towards programs for children in foster care. The remaining 10 percent is utilized for administration and fundraising management, so you can be confident that every last cent is being put to excellent use.

Your Charitable Donation May Qualify You for an Arizona Tax Credit

Due to the Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit, you may be eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for your contribution to the Arizona Friends of Foster Children. The current maximum dollar amount is $500 for individuals and $1,000 for joint filers, putting an annual donation within easier reach for many people who want to help.

Start a New Holiday Tradition this Year by Donating to the AFFCF

From decorating your home to gathering with family and friends, there are so many treasured traditions that make this time of year special. Why not create a new holiday tradition by making an annual contribution to the AFFCF? Not only will your donation make a direct impact on children in the Arizona foster care system, but it’s also likely to spark joy and gratitude in your heart as well.

Our organization is endlessly thankful for every donation we receive, both during the holidays and year-round. Thanks to the support of our donors, we can continue our work, extending a helping hand to the children in our state that need it most. No matter what size or type of contribution you are able to make, the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation truly appreciates it.

Honor the spirit of the season by making a charitable donation to our organization today. You can also make your foster care tax credit donation by phone at (602) 252.9445.

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