Bonding with the children under your care is important to make them feel welcome and part of the family. You do not have to go for expensive outings or events to bond with your child. It’s the little things that create the most memorable bonds, so engage in consistent small, consistent activities to spend more time with them and create a connection.

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation understands that bonding with children in foster care can be challenging. We have made it our mission to help foster parents find fun activities for children in foster care. These fun activities enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the children, improving their lives.

Activities to Bond with Your Foster Family

Sometimes bonding with children in foster care is tough, but all it takes is finding a unique, fun activity you can participate in and enjoy together to build and develop a strong bond. Like anyone, children are different, with varying interests, so make sure you find a suitable activity you can enjoy as you get to know each other. Consider the following activities if you want to spend quality time with your child in foster care.

Cooking and Baking Together

Cooking is fun, especially when you gather everyone in the family to make a meal or bake dessert. Cooking together encourages communication and teamwork as you teach children important skills such as preparing healthy and nutritious meals. When inviting the children to the kitchen, give them a chance to select what they are interested in preparing.

Remember to ask their opinion when preparing your menu to include their favorites. Cooking creates connections and promotes bonding when parents open up conversations and encourage children to tell stories about their cooking experience.

Spend Time Playing and Exploring Outdoors

Foster parents can try out many outdoor activities with their children in Arizona. For example, you can take the children to a park where they can get some fresh air, exercise, and play fun games such as hide and seek. Parents can also plan picnics, nature walks, camping, or road trips so that children can explore and have fun in new places. When planning outdoor activities, be sure to ask your children about their hobbies and interests so you can include them in your plans.

Read and Discuss Books Together

Reading is a great bonding activity for children of all ages as it enables them to learn while you provide them with one-on-one attention. For younger kids, you can take turns reading or listening as they read while you can have the older children read the book to you. If the child does not like reading out loud, parents can also spend quality time bonding with the child by getting a different book and reading alongside them.

Explore Everyone’s Creativity

Engaging in creative activities like art is a fun way to bond and create an emotional connection, as they help children express what they feel. Foster parents and their children can participate in creative ideas such as drawing murals, painting, and decorating together as a family, then hanging your family artwork like a gallery. Displaying the child’s work makes them feel appreciated and free with you.

Find and Develop New Interests

There are many fun activities to try out in Arizona. However, it is essential to ask the child in foster care about the hobbies and interests they would like to explore. Allowing the children to air out their wishes and considering them promotes bonding since the child knows you care about them.

Every child in Arizona deserves to grow up loved and in a safe environment. Our duty as foster parents is to offer support and stability when they need it most.

Help and Support Children in Foster Care Today

You don’t have to take on the role of a foster parent to make a difference for kids in foster care. There are various ways to support kids in foster care in Arizona. We rely on donations from generous people like you who want to help children in foster care to assist foster parents in bonding with their children.

If you’re an Arizona resident who gives to AFFCF, your donation could qualify for a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes. We are thankful for all contributions that help improve our services for all children in foster homes. If you want to know more about our services or have any questions, contact us.

Image Source: Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock

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