It seems like yesterday that the Spring 2022 semester started. So many wonderful things have happened for our AFFCF Scholars and we’d like to take time to highlight some special moments that took place over the semester.

Cheering Success

AFFCF continuously cheers on students in the AFFCF Scholarship program, however this semester, the opportunity to literally cheer on a scholar presented itself! Fama plays for an out- of-state university’s women’s basketball team and came to Phoenix to play against Grand Canyon University. Fama’s foster family formed a cheering section that we were thrilled to join! Although GCU won at the buzzer, it was great to be able to cheer Fama on and AFFCF will continue to do so as she begins her senior year of college next month!

Fama playing at her game against GCU!

Adventures Abroad

Two Northern Arizona University students, Amanda and Liz, embarked on study abroad semesters for the Spring 2022 semester! Amanda, who spent the two previous semesters studying in France, concluded her NAU studies and modern language degree in Switzerland. For Liz, everything about her study abroad semester in the UK was new! Although there were several unexpected challenges at the beginning, she found her footing and enjoyed traveling and took up horseback riding!

A Few Weeks of Great News

March was a very exciting time for Arizona State University student, Cheyenne. In a matter of weeks, she turned 21, embarked on a STEM spring break study abroad trip to Costa Rica, and found out she was accepted to ASU’s College of Nursing! While in Costa Rica, she taught children STEM classes and learned how to surf! AFFCF looks forward to this next step in her educational journey as she begins as a nursing school next month!

Scholar Outings

Midway through the semester, AFFCF held scholar outings in Tucson at the Air and Space Museum, in Phoenix at the Heard Museum and in Flagstaff at Bearizona. From being absolutely dwarfed and amazed by planes to taking in artwork and learning history to having an antelope come right up to the car, the outings were a great chance for scholars to spend time together and relax!

Ryan, Samantha and Berenice at the Heard Museum!

Amazing GPAs

Regarding Spring 2022 semester grades, AFFCF is proud to report that there were 22 students who earned 3.0+ GPAs and eight students who earned 4.0 GPAs!

This semester, six AFFCF Scholars have taken AFFCF’s Keys to Financial Literacy course, making strides in advancing in their knowledge of money management and credit-building. Four more AFFCF Scholars will take the course this month. It has been a great addition to the AFFCF Keys to Success program and is helping to prepare AFFCF Scholars for life outside of the classroom.

AFFCF looks forward to a summer scholar outing to Disneyland next month, welcoming new scholars into the AFFCF Scholarship program this fall, and continuing to celebrate student success this coming academic year!

Fostering Higher Education

By supporting the AFFCF scholarship program, you’re giving young adults who have aged out of foster care the ability to chase their dreams. You also help them find camaraderie with other students who have similar experiences to their own. AFFCF is a Qualifying Foster Care Organization, which means you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples. Donate today!

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