Award Guidelines

AFFCF cannot reimburse for anything paid for prior to receiving our committee’s approval so we always need the completed application and response from the DCS caseworker (confirming the child is currently in the foster care system here in Arizona) to send to our committee for its approval first. AFFCF also needs supporting documentation displaying the cost of the request so that once the committee approves, then AFFCF can make the check payable to the vendor providing those services—for example, YMCA for swimming lessons.

Due to the volume of requests, AFFCF will not be able to send additional follow-up e-mails to an applicant notifying them of the current status of the request. AFFCF will still answer any questions by phone or e-mail, but please check the status by signing into your account and selecting Status of Requests to see your requests. Applications will continue to be processed in real-time so you can check to see if we are awaiting a response from the DCS caseworker or documentation that displays the cost of the request.

What AFFCF Does Not Fund

  • Applications requesting reimbursement for funds spent prior to AFFCF approval
  • Children who are adopted or not currently wards of the court in Arizona
  • Services or benefits that are available from other public, private, or governmental agencies (daycare, pre-school, counseling services, wheel chairs, healthcare, legal aid, etc.).
  • Airfare, family vacations, or travel expenses
  • Birthday parties, gifts, food, or toys
  • Day-to-day clothing or school uniforms
  • Debt relief (i.e. home bills, utilities, etc.)
  • Electronic equipment (computers, tablets stereos, electronic games, TV, etc.)
  • Furniture (i.e. beds, car seats, cribs, etc.) or home fixtures
  • Memberships to a gym or community center
  • Modeling or modeling classes
  • Orthodontics or any type of medical expense
  • Requests for all the children in the same group home to attend the same session of camp

What AFFCF Can Consider Funding


AFFCF can consider requests for any type of sports registration or activity such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer. No facility memberships can be considered. The maximum AFFCF can consider for equipment is $200, which includes $75 for shoes.


AFFCF grants a one-time only award for items such as pots and pans, dishes, towels, shower curtains, rugs, cleaning supplies, lamps, or small appliances like a toaster or microwave. These funds cannot be used for furniture. AFFCF requires a list of items and their individual cost along with the completed application. Typically, the youth will go online to Wal Mart or Target (or whatever store where they would like to use the check) and fill out a mock shopping cart to get a tentative price for each item. Receipt of purchase is required after approval. $350 is the maximum AFFCF can consider funding for an apartment set-up and $250 is the maximum for a dorm set-up.


Once approved, AFFCF sends a congratulatory e-mail to let the applicant know the request has been approved and for what amount. AFFCF cannot reimburse for anything paid for prior to receiving approval. After receiving the congratulatory e-mail, the bike can be purchased and the receipt sent to AFFCF for reimbursement. One bike per 2-year period per child; no more than 2 bike requests per child. AFFCF can only consider providing funds for either a bicycle, scooter, skates or skateboard per child within a 2-year period.

Ages 1-6: $105 total $70 for bike; $35 for helmet/lock
Ages 7-13: $135 total $100 for bike; $35 for helmet/lock
Ages 14+: $200 total $150 for bike; $50 for helmet/lock


AFFCF can only fund one request for camp per child per year. Daycare substitute camps or extended care programs cannot be considered. Camp for entire group homes are also not funded. Applications for camp are considered on an individual basis. The maximum AFFCF can consider funding for camp is $400.


Applications for cost of fees for green card or immigration physicals required for citizenship can be considered. Cost of attorney fees cannot be considered.


Funded once a year per child; maximum of $50 for school pictures.


Special occasions only (8th Grade Graduation, Quinceañera, etc.) for a $100 maximum, which includes shoes and clothing. Prom expenses can be considered for a maximum of $300. Must have approval from AFFCF before purchase can be made.


DCS pays for up to $220 for graduation-related expenses, which includes cap, gown, ring, yearbook and other related expenses. AFFCF can only consider funding the request if the $220 maximum from the state has already been completely used.


AFFCF can consider paying for instrument rentals in 12-week funding periods. Once the initial request is approved, renewals can also be processed in 3-month increments. Documentation that shows the expected cost of the rental is required.


12-week funding periods are the maximum AFFCF can consider for gymnastics, karate, music and swimming lessons. Once initial request is approved, renewals can also be processed IN 3-month increments. The maximum is $100 per month. Requests for costs exceeding $100 per month may be considered if required for the youth to progress to a higher skill level or advanced training.

When it comes to funding ongoing activities, AFFCF can only fund one activity at a time per child. The only exception for an activity is swimming because it is prioritized as a survival skill. While there is no overall limit on the number of applications that can be submitted, certain restrictions in place based on the type of request being made.


AFFCF can consider optical expenses if DCS will not fund. Contacts can be considered for one-time only. Documentation is required that states a specific, special need for the youth.


$150 maximum for one-day trip; $400 maximum for extended field trips.


Same restrictions as the process for bicycles. AFFCF can only consider providing funds for either a bicycle, scooter, skates or skateboard per child within a 2-year period.

Scooters: $125 total/$75 for scooter; $50 for helmet/pads
Skates: $150 total/$100 for skates; $50 for helmet/pads
Skateboards: $110 total/$75 for skateboard; $35 for helmet/pads


MUST HAVE AFFCF APPROVAL PRIOR TO PURCHASING TICKETS. AFFCF cannot reimburse for anything paid for prior to receiving approval. Once approved, AFFCF notifies the applicant via that he request has been approved and for what amount. Tickets are then reimbursed after the original receipt is provided to AFFCF. Theme park must be outside of Arizona. Local parks or attractions inside Arizona do not apply. Our organization cannot consider funding the cost of travel, lodging, parking, food, souvenirs, or spending money. AFFCF can only consider funding the child’s admission into the park. Only one request for theme park admission per child per year. $150 is the maximum AFFCF can consider funding for theme park admission per child.


In order for AFFCF to consider an application, the following qualifications must be met:

  1. AFFCF can only consider funding tutoring in subjects in which the child is performing below grade level, which must be shown through supporting documentation from the child’s school. The documentation should include possible recommendations to address the child’s needs.
  1. Applications shall not involve the proposed tutoring provider contacting the child’s placement, teacher or any other person in order to obtain supporting documentation for the application.
  1. The supporting documentation from the child’s school must identify each service available in the past, present and/or future to address the child’s needs (including but not limited to summer school, after school or lunchtime assistance, school-sponsored tutoring, and/or any similar services available, whether through the school or otherwise). If the applicant has tried to access these services, please explain the efforts made and why it was/is insufficient to meet the child’s needs. If help was not sought, AFFCF needs to know why. In general, AFFCF does not duplicate services or benefits provided by other public, private or governmental agencies. By making an application to AFFCF, the applicant is stating that he/she has investigated the alternative resources available, and that no reasonable alternatives are available.
  1. The applicant must provide an estimate for the cost of tutoring services for 12 weeks from the school – if they provide tutoring or the hourly rate from another tutoring vendor.
  1. All documentation must be dated by the child’s teacher or the other appropriate person at the child’s school who provides the required information. AFFCF will fund tutoring only for 12 weeks (three months) for a $500 maximum at a time. Each request for tutoring will require a new application and supporting documentation.

For further information about our General Awards program and process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.