“success is where preparation
and opportunity meet.” – bobby unser

All sound advice. But as a youth in the foster care system, it may seem impossible. Like how can I achieve my dream job if I’m just trying to make it through today? Not only can the Keys to Success program can help you explore the options available and gain valuable work experience, but we also focus on goal setting and achievement so you can turn the impossible into possible.

What do you want to be? Whether your interests lie in an office setting, culinary arts or whatever it is you dream of doing, the Keys to Success program gives you an opportunity to explore what motivates you, develop a variety of skill sets and aptitudes, set personal and career goals and more!

The first step to finding your Keys to Success, is to complete a youth referral form. Just click the button below and get started!

“I really APPRECIATE everything you do for me and HELPING ME get myself together! Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be in school if you didn’t encourage me to DO BETTER and get my life back on track.”

J.P., Keys to Success participant