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Whether you give once or on a regular basis, your donation can change the story for children in foster care by providing experiences and activities that  shape their childhoods.

AZ Foster Care Tax Credit Donations


Our 4-star charity rating means AFFCF is accountable, transparent and financially healthy. And that means you can feel good about selecting our organization for your foster care tax credit donation.


Pays for six months of services to a participant in Keys to Success, a program designed to help young people aging out of foster care to lead successful, independent lives

Provides much-needed tutoring for a child who is below grade level

Buys supplemental clothing and books for a child in foster care

Buys a weighted blanket/vest for a child who struggles with severe anxiety because of his or her circumstances

Buys in-state theme park admission for a child who desperately needs a little fun


Of every dollar donated to AFFCF:

  • 88% goes to programs  
  • 6% goes to administration  
  • 6% goes to fundraising

We are committed to being good stewards of the funds we receive and ensuring our goal to reach every child in Arizona’s foster care.

Diane’s story

“When my child came to live with me, he was angry all the time. He had zero self-control and absolutely no self-confidence. Karate lessons have changed that. Since enrolling my child in karate lessons, we have less and less involvement with crisis teams and DCS. But the best result of all is that he now sees himself as a person who is worthy, has a healthier self-esteem and is allowed to feel happy.”