Scholarship Application

Ready to start your future? Completing the scholarship application is the first step.


     Complete the scholarship application and include the following:

a. Two letters of recommendation – one personal (i.e. foster family,CASA, DCS/tribal case manager, guardian ad litem, attorney, etc. and one academic (i.e. teacher, principal or counselor)
b.  A copy of your completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a copy of a Financial Summary report (SAR).
c.  A copy of most recent transcript (unofficial is OK)
d.  A copy of your acceptance letter from proposed school/program and/or current class registration
e.  Information on proposed course of study/school/program (confirm that any vocational program is through an accredited institution)


      Returning AFFCF scholars must provide: 

1.  A copy of your most recent transcript
2.  A copyof current class registration
3.  An updated FAFSA or SAR report (if changed)
4.  Your updated student contact information (if changed)


When your scholarship application packet is complete, you can submit it in any of these three ways:

  1. E-mail to
  2. Mail it to AFFCF’s office (1645 E. Missouri Ave, Suite, 450, in Phoenix, AZ 85016)
  3. Drop it off in-person at AFFCF’s office (1645 E. Missouri Ave, Suite, 450, in Phoenix, AZ 85016)


The deadlines for the Fall 2017 semester are as follows:

FIRST-TIME APPLICANTS – TBD (It is always a good idea to submit your application as soon as possible.)
Completed scholarship application packet consists of the fully completed scholarship application as well as all supplemental documentation listed on the last page of the application–including reference letters.

RETURNING SCHOLARS -TBD (It is always a good idea to submit your information as soon as possible.)
Renewal documentation to submit must include a copy of your current Fall 2016 grades, confirmation of class registration for Spring 2017, and if anything has changed, updated financial aid report from your academic institution and contact information.